Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) is an independent organisation devoted to policy analysis and research focussing primarily on contemporary Turkey. It aims at sharing a wide range of publication types including reviews, interventions, political, economic and social analyses, working papers, interviews and commentaries, by following interdisciplinary trends in the global world and examining Turkey and the global world from different points of view. Against the tendency to homogenise perspectives in the media and to reduce complex political and social reality to simplistic analysis, it welcomes theoretical and political pluralism to reach a more comprehensive, multi-sided understanding of contemporary Turkey in its global context.

Going beyond the boundaries of a self-enclosed academic scholarship, Research Turkeyoffers to use tools of theoretically grounded and empirically valid research in investigating unexplored aspects of Turkish society and polity or looking into its better known aspects from different angles. The organisation has no organic link with any political party, think tank, ideological movement or NGO. Submissions are assessed by the board of editors on the basis of argumentation and evidence but the perspective adopted cannot be interfered due to the principle of respect for freedom of thought. Sole responsibility regarding the published material remains with the authors. Published articles cannot be copied, printed or shared without referencing.