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Research Turkey serves as a virtual forum for sharing information, analysis and debates relevant for enhancing our understanding of contemporary Turkey and reflecting on ways to develop realistic and creative tools of policy-making in diverse areas. The organisation welcomes various types of submission including short notes, commentaries, reviews, interviews as well as working research and discussion papers on media, politics and economics about Turkey. But it also invites pieces on other countries and the global world from which Turkey cannot be severed.

We developed this website with a core group of scholars doing research on Turkey in international universities or institutes, so as to respond to a growing need for more accurate information as well as deeper and subtle analysis on Turkey in the English language. We not only aim to satisfy the curiosity of a wide readership interested in Turkey for different reasons, but also try to evoke new areas of curiosity and interest about Turkey, which remained so far underestimated and/or under-researched.

Our aim is to provide an alternative perspective to the clichés about Turkey through the lenses of critical researchers in an interdisciplinary framework acting as an antidote to simplistic and reductionist analysis. We anticipate creating a point of reference for those who want to get access to first-hand information and empirically reliable analysis regarding diverse dimensions and complexities of Turkish economy, polity and society. Uncovering the invisible aspects of contemporary Turkey via original analysis and thinking is another goal we set for ourselves in this website.

We believe that a critique embellished and refined by extravagant rhetoric cannot be a substitute for theoretically informed, well-argued, well-articulated, empirically solid political, economic and social analysis. Against trendy attempts to explain major and complex phenomena with fancy concepts, we opt for more zealous, demanding task of cultivating perspectives with creative thinking and robust evidence. Yet, the site still leaves room for formulating bold questions and making grounded speculation in challenging the limitations of existing perspectives and opening up possibilities for path-breaking scholarly work.

ResearchTurkey accepts the inseparability of theory and practice, research and strategy. It does not take any single theoretical or political stand itself; but the data, information and analysis it gathers have the implicit and indirect objective of feeding a multiplicity of manoeuvres, bifurcation points and interventions in society to induce positive change and emancipation.

Ümit Sönmez
Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey)
5 March 2012

Write for Research Turkey

Research Turkey encourages authors to write in a clear and intelligible language for a wider audience. Please follow the rules of clarity in explaining your theoretical concepts and develop your argument supported by evidence. Any discriminatory, racist and sexist terminology should be avoided. If a paper is polemical, the criticized authors are invited to respond to enable a fruitful and productive discussion.

Submissions can include political, economic and social analyses of contemporary Turkey and the global world. They may be in different formats consisting of short reviews, long analysis papers and commentaries. Depending on the type of submission, length may vary: 600-2.000 words for short analyses and interventions and 2.000-10.000 for research/policy papers. A brief CV of the author should be attached. An abstract should be written for research/policy papers.

If you would like to send an article or paper, you may send it directly to the following e-mail address: [email protected]
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