Research Turkey in Search for New Team Mates


Research Turkey is seeking dynamic team mates!
Centre for Policy and Research on Turkey (Research Turkey) is an independent, non-profit organisation devoted to policy analysis and research focussing primarily on contemporary Turkey. It aims at sharing a wide range of publication types including reviews, interventions, political, economic and social analyses, working papers, interviews and commentaries, by following interdisciplinary trends in the global world and examining Turkey and the global world from different points of view.  Against the tendency to homogenise perspectives in the media and to reduce complex political and social reality to simplistic analysis, it welcomes theoretical and political pluralism to reach a more comprehensive, multi-sided understanding of contemporary Turkey in its global context. Research Turkey is an institution based in London with offices in İstanbul, Ankara and Brussels. All of Research Turkey’s content is published both in English and Turkish.
Research Turkey also organises public events, politics forums and public lectures and conference in notable universities of the UK such as LSE, King’s College London and SOAS, as well as in other distinguished institutions such as the British Parliament and the British Academy.
You may access our publications and activities from:
We are seeking dynamic team mates for our UK-based think tank to work with us at different levels and circumstances either in London or in other countries Candidates will be appointed to the necessary departments for translation, project assistance, field study assistance, preparing reports, technical assistance to the website, decoding interviews and reports,  attending national/international conferences and activities, finance and PR assistance and academic journal assistance. Priority will be given to the students or expert graduates of economics, political science, international relations, communication and media and education programmes. The ideal candidate shall have advanced English skills as the content is published both in English and Turkish. However, those who have English or Turkish language skills only will also be allocated to related departments based on their competency. Regardless of the role they are being considered for, the ideal candidates shall be self-starters who are willing to take initiatives for the further enhancement of the institution.
Candidates should send their resumé (CV) and a short cover letter (max. 500 words) on why they want to become a part of the ResearchTurkey team and what kinds of roles they are willing to take by sending an email to [email protected] and/or [email protected] After the pre-selection process, successful candidates will be contacted and they will be subject to an interview.



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